About us

The Bruno e Mario Trezzi was founded in 1952 by Mario Trezzi still at the helm of the company.
The main activity consisted in the recovery and processing of refractory materials.
In the early 70’s the  Property sees in the commercialization of carbon-based recarburising  a new market perspective, is abandoned the field of refractories to specialize in the manufacture and distribution of high-quality carbon products, ferroalloys and graphite electrodes.

Thanks to the excellent results obtained in 1992 the company decided to diversify their investments: born Carboleghe-tre .s.p.a and Grafi-Tre s.r.l.  which is responsible for the construction and renting of industrial real estate in the Milan area and the province.
The reliability and experience in more than sixty years, the focus on product quality and customer loyalty has ensured the Bruno e Mario Trezzi a significant share of the Italian market and a presence in European markets.